And so it begins…

All of our teachers have prepared us for this moment. They’ve told us numerous times that college would not be like high school and that, in college, nobody will hold your hand. And to an extent, these instructors were correct. College isn’t easy – it’s a challenge. These challenges, however, reap the greatest rewards.

On my first day, I was ecstatic. I entered with confidence and eagerness to learn on a higher level, only to witness that my peers felt the same way. I felt a smile grow on my face when I realized the kids I was surrounded by: aspiring engineers, doctors, and lawyers. Kids who were a lot like me and aimed for goals equivalent to mine. I felt that, for once, I belonged in the picture.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved high school. However, at times, I felt as if I was apart from my classmates. For example, when a group project was organized, I’d be left with the task of deriving an idea and working on it the most. Now, things were different: my peers were just as smart, and smarter, than I was. They’ve, in a way, contributed to challenging me to become more proactive in my studies and perform at an equal, or higher, level.

I’ve also been able to make an extraordinary friend who also does not live in the dorms (I commute from home), but rather lives in an apartment in downtown Berkeley. To our surprise, we have insanely identical schedules, right down to our lunch breaks! I haven’t been able to socialize too often due to only being on campus 3 times a week,  but I’m glad that, out of a sea of people, I’ve made at least one good friend. She’s also become my gym buddy and I am able to, finally, go to the gym at a great price with a great friend.

Adjusting to college is definitely not fun, and does require sacrifice. However, once these sacrifices are made, one leaves with the greatest reward: a 4 year degree and memories of a time you’ll never forget.

Until next time,