College 101 : Episode #1

My college experience has been something special, I learned to be more responsible for my future. I learned a lot of new skills and implemented them in the real world: academic writing, foreign language (Japanese) using math to solve certain problems/equations. I realized that going to college has helped me evolved myself. I established a better experience throughout this semester. I also learned that fortune doesn’t bring happiness, happiness cannot be bought. “You have to plan the run, then run the plan,” has been one of my motivation quotes that endure the way I think. In other words, plan on what you want to accomplish and then strive to accomplish it. I found out so many new things about myself that even in my head I consider myself a new person. I also made a few new friends but lost many of my old ones. I guess letting go has been one my task I learned to control without letting it take my dignity away. One thing a lot of people don’t understand is that, the only person that can put your self down is yourself. For example, there’s always a way around an obstacle, therefore, cheating the system is a skill you need to face and overcome. Everything depends on you and only you, jealousy and ignorance will be the hardest enemies throughout your life but what really matters is how you respond to them, for the fact that the conclusion is what everyone recalls. For a long time I thought my life was getting closer to the end, when in reality life has just began. I know for a fact that I will do big things, I just need to uncover what my destiny declares. Well, that’s all folks until next episode. ;D

PS: Thanks again EdFund !