College Experience

My first year of college started off great. Everything was easy, getting to and from class, homework, studying. I’m off to a good start because I am able to pace myself and manage my time wisely. College is definitely different from high school, but in a good way. There is way more freedom, but it comes with responsibility. Teachers are willing to help, but they tell you from the beginning, “If you fail, then that’s on you.” And this statement is so true because everything really depends on you. If you don’t want to put in the time and effort to succeed, the teachers don’t care. But it’s not like if you struggle then they aren’t going to help you. It’s just you need to take the initiative and ask for help rather than wait on someone. All my classes are simple and straightforward and they all interest me and connect in some way. So I’m able to use what I learned from one class to apply it to another class. Also, my advisers are really helpful and are always there when I have questions about credits, tests. They even helped me plan on my classes for my next couple of semester so I have priority and I don’t have to worry about wait lists or anything. There are a lot of helpful tips that they have. They taught me about how a lot of my GE credits overlap into my graduation requirements and major courses so a lot of classes I don’t have to take as many classes and I still get the same amount of credit. So going to your adviser is really helpful. This year has helped me realize that I am more of a morning person and I like to be done in the early afternoon. So I know next semester to plan my schedule for mostly morning classes. Overall college is going great and I hope it continues to stay like this.