College Life

College life for me was something really unexpected, i am the first in my family to actually attend college so there were a few things i was behind on already. The first thing that is immediately different is that no one forces you to do your homework or go to class, coming from high school this is a major change since everyone in high school is pushing you to do both of these things. It was odd to me to see kids get up in the middle of a lecture and just walk off and not come back or for them to show up 20 minutes late to class. That leads to the other major difference which is that the professors don’t really care about what you do, Most professors don’t even notice when a student has left their class they just give their lesson and leave. I think do to these 2 things college can be hard especially if you didn’t have freedom when you were in high school it might get to your head and before you know it you missed too many classes and you’re failing. Luckily for me i’ve been keeping up with things. the only troubles ive had is filling up so much paper work from trying to obtain my parents taxes to registering for classes and having to set up appointments with teachers and counselors, it just feels weird knowing that all the responsibility is on me. Other than that the first few months of college have been pretty boring, that’s the thing about attending a community college all the classes are great and its cheaper but there’s not much to do everyone just gets their classes done then goes home. I guess that’s because were only there for a temporary amount of time but still it feels completely different from what it used to back in high school, however with time i think it’ll feel normal.