My College Beginning

Over the summer I spent some of my time going to the library. Reading books so that I could catch up on literature for my expected vocabulary level. I wanted to actually take a college course at a community college but due to my schedule at work I did not have time. Although while working for the company I did I learned a few skills that could help me in my journey to college. Being in college they focus a lot on financial aid and how everything is weighed out dealing with budgets as well. I learned the importance of saving money and creating budgets because you start spending your money on irrelevant things instead of the important things you really need. Furthermore, I learned the most important attribute of patience. I was so used to being in a rush and when things did not happen on my time I found myself frustrated often. This is important because in college I am going to be around a great amount of individuals that do not work as I work. I am nervous about not getting my work completed or done at the last minute. During my high school career I suffered from a terrible habit of procrastination. I realize that I have to break that habit in order to be successful in my college career. I’m excited about taking all these different classes and networking with so many different people. Also, I would like to get involved with a few organizations on campus but I have to find a balance between homework, extracurricular activities and social life. One thing I need to get done before my first day is make sure that my scholarship is corrected on my account. Also, I need all my books or materials needed to be prepared for my first day.