My First College Experience

This past summer preparing for college has been very overwhelming for me; buying dorm stuff, school supplies, purchasing books. Its just all required a great deal of effort. Oh, and money. Over the summer, I have been mainly focusing on getting things ready for my classes this upcoming fall. My biggest fear is being unprepared for the beginning of this semester. I want to avoid that as much as possible. As of now, having a car is a huge diadvantage due to the amount of the parking permit. Two hundred dollars for a parking permit…. Just for the semester! This burnt a huge hole in my pocket lol. As of now, I have been checked into my dorm for a few days and I really enjoy it. Having a little privacy and being away from home is just what I needed. The dorm is bigger than I expected and I have quite a bit of room. The restrooms and showers aren’t as bad as I imagined either! They really are very private and almost always empty considering how small the hall is. My roomate and I have been buying a lot of quick snacks and food for when we get lazy and hungry. I’m also still in the process of straigtening up my dorm and putting away clothes. I hope to stay organized this year so my experience wouldn’t be such a bad one. I’m very excited for classes to actually begin. I am at the same time overwhelmed by the fact that classes will begin , but more so excited. I am ready to meat more people and possibly join some clubs or organization. Meeting new people is always hard for one whos not from around the area so I’m going to make it a goal of mine to do so. I hope my experience this year and for the next few years be a great one. You’ve been a great help, thanks again edFund!