My First Week in College

Within my first week of college I have accomplish so many things! I am adapting pretty fast which is such a big surprise. I have met several interesting people already… Not to mention my roommates they are really interesting and I enjoy talking to them all day. On move in day all of my suite mates and I went out to eat. Did I mention that I have 9 suite mates including myself! At first I though that it might not be such a great idea but I was wrong. They are all awesome people that want the same thing in life as I do which is to succeed. Being around people my age and going to College at the same time seems to be the greatest thing that has happened to me so far. My roommate and I are both taking very similar classes and we are able to help each other on class assignments¬† so thats a big advantage to both of us! I have become aware of tutoring with my area and I am going to take advantage of it for now my classes are just starting but know for a fact that they will get more challenging as the quarter approaches the midterms and finals. UC Davis is beautiful it is everything I expected and so far I’m enjoying this weather its around 90 degrees or more everyday. I am enjoying it while it lasts soon it will be freezing cold over here.¬† All of my professors are pleasant people so far so I am thankful for that. I am currently doing so much homework my Chemistry class seems to never run out of homework haha but I will be fine! Well it was nice sharing some of my experiences so far in College with you guys.