My First Weeks of College

College life started out wonderfully. I moved into my residence hall and just walked into my floor mates rooms’ to make friends. Being unknown gave me a courage to go up and ask people who they are and what they want out of life. I formed a friendship with my roommates and floor mates in those first couple of days when we were holding campus maps and trying to figure out where certain fall welcome events were being held on campus. We also went on a scavenger hunt all around campus, needless to say we finished the hunt in approximately 5 hours since none of us were on bikes and Davis is a huge campus.

Then I had to get back to reality. Summer was over and college had started. Classes were going to start and I had to get back in the mode for school work. And the next thing I know, 2 weeks into the quarter, is that in a week and a half I am going to start having midterms.  It was crazy the first week of college trying to balance morning classes with evening classes and study times with meal times. Now the third week into the quarter I like to think that I have gotten the hang of time management. I try to complete my assignments two days before they are due so I have study time outside of class time. I learnt in my first week of classes is that in a quarter system, classes fly right by and you have to be doing your homework, studying the material discussed in lecture, forming study groups and going to office hours to succeed. That may seem like a lot but you can never not take some time out and have fun; go lay down in the quad like I do in between classes, relax and watch nature in all its beauty or just go bowling down at the MU. There are so many events happening around you and you just have to decide what is right for you.