My transition into the university

I moved to the dorm at UC Berkeley on August 23rd. My dorm is located about a hill, and it’s really beautiful here. My dorm is in a castle (a hall that is officially a castle which was built in 1928). It looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Sometimes turkeys and deer come here from the hill.

I have three roommates.  They are really good guys.

My classes have started on August 28th. I have 3 classes: Astronomy, Calculus and History of the Ancient Empires. I really like my professors – they are interesting, even though not each of them explains the subject material very clear. The good thing is that you can always ask a question about some uncertainty, and you would get an answer.

I study a lot for my classes – much more than I used to study in my high school. There are a lot of pages to read assigned in my history class – the maximum number of pages was about 400 a week (which was last week). A really useful skill to have in the university is to know how to get the main points from the readings – because sometimes it’s just too much. My calculus homework is pretty straightforward, but it still requires a lot of calculations. My astronomy homework requires a lot of thinking; I’ve never taken astronomy in my high school, and it’s my first experience with it here. It’s actually really fun.

I’ve joined a chemical engineering club. It’s a great way to get acquainted with chemical engineering and learn what chemical engineers actually do. I like it!

I also go to the gym regularly and I play guitar with some of the new friends. It’s a really useful and fun way to spend time.

I like the food which is served here – it’s delicious! I meet a lot of cool people every day. I really like it here, and I don’t miss my home.