No Way?

I have always imagined college the way movies portray them to be with the fraternities and “nerds” and different groups of people very distinguished from one another. What surprised me the most is how well people get along and how fast and easy it is to create a very strong bond with each other. I found myself belonging to many different groups of friends in high school and I always feared that it will not be the same way in college. I proved myself wrong. Two months into my freshman year in college and I had already managed to make myself comfortable with different groups. I guess nothing has changed with the way I present myself to strangers.
However, I have realized that I am turning into someone I never thought I would turn into after I graduate. This change surprises me more than anything else. A lot has changed about me. Firstly, I never saw myself being as involved as I was in high school. I had planned to be involved in school but I knew it was going to be harder to make an impact now that I am in a much bigger campus with ten times more of the student population that I was accustomed to. I am currently an intern for University of Hawai’i Productions (UHP). It has been a dream of mine to become a part of this crew since my junior year in high school. Seeing members of UHP roaming around campus and being in their office was quite unreal. Now, I am one of them. My internship is coming to an end and I will soon be a full-time member. I knew joining this organization was the right thing to do because it will help me with my major and my future career. Another change that I never saw coming was being involved with the Greek life. Dating someone from a fraternity sparked an interest of bringing a new sorority into UH. I plan on bringing Tri Delta into my school in the upcoming spring semester, hoping that it will not overwhelm me. I may or may not abandon this plan but I do hope to go through with it.

I look forward to the rest of my first semester and what it will bring. I can confidently say that I am accustomed to the college life and I am prepared for next semester.