Ready for College

In order to prepare for college I’ve been working to save money towards financial aid. I have also been consulting with family members who have recently graduated from college and asking them about their experiences, how living on campus was, and any tips they had for me. I got really good advice such as how to juggle working and going to school, how to separate your class schedule so it doesn’t stress me out and I don’t become overwhelmed, and also how to enjoy college life but stay on top it. They told me things weren’t going to be easy but that I’d get over it. They didn’t sugar coat anything like relationships, parties, ect. But not to worry because if I miss a party it’s not the end of the world but it will be if I don’t turn my work in on time. Aside from talking to peers I’ve kept up to date with my school about my financial aid, housing status, and anything else that may be of importance to me. I’m very excited to be on my own for once in my life. I don’t worry about being homesick or anything because I’m not too far from home but I’m far enough to where I feel like “okay no more mommy I need this daddy I need that.” I feel like going to college is going to force me to grow up and make decisions I normally wouldn’t have to make and I’m very excited to take those challenges on. I am nervous that I may get a little side track but I know with determination and perseverance ill pick myself back up and get right back on track. Before my first day of school I’d like to have all my required materials and everything I need so I can make a smooth transition from home to school.