Second Week of College

Hi all,
I wanted to share some of the things I noticed since I’ve been in college; but most importantly, the change I noticed in the second week of college while I was sitting in the lobby of Dwinelle Hall. Usually on the hour, every hour its hallway rush hour. Literally hundreds of people: students, professors, instructors and staff alike are walking across the hall getting to where they need to be. Its not the same in high school where everyone thought that time stopped for them and had the time to relax, take a break to relax and talk to their friends: these students are motivated and need to get to class because the instructor will not wait for them.

Berkeley time allows the students to have ten minutes to walk from one class to another on the hour. However, once those ten minutes are up, lecture begins, lab time begins, discussion begins: no one will wait for you. Fortunately I had an hour before my class began so I was able to observe everyone else. A lot of the students walked with a purpose, with such diversity: flip flops, cowboy boots, running shorts, black slacks, shirt and tie, shirtless, hair dye, shaved head, piercings and tattoos. A few commodities did prevail with everyone such as a backpack or purse with a book and laptop inside of each.

Once the ten minutes were up, everything began to settle down. There were a few late stragglers rushing to class as comfortably as they could, either walking or running but they weren’t nervous, or at least they didn’t look nervous. Once there were no people walking in the hall I began to look to the sides of where I was sitting and saw everyone either reading or on their laptop. I found myself reading an article for class and decided that today was going to be a good day.