Summer College Experience

As a first generation college student I was afraid; I did not know what to expect going into college. I was as nervous as anyone to step into a new environment. Not only was I afraid of the financial part of college but also the socializing part. I had all these doubts going through my head about whether I would really be able to keep up with everyone. I did not feel prepared enough coming out of high school. So, when an opportunity came up for a four week long summer program on campus, I thought that would be the perfect chance to see if college was for me.

After those four strenuous weeks, I am definitely grateful for having gotten the chance to participate in a summer program at Mills to enhance my learning abilities. The program taught me many valuable lessons like the importance of developing good study habits and taking care of myself when faced with stress. I made friends in the program that I can see myself keeping long-term. Everything that I experienced over the summer made meĀ  even more excited to start college. I am eager to learn more about the world and what I can do to create a positive change in it.

This program has given me the confidence I need to go to college with my head held high now that I have some of the tools I need to succeed. The college has a nurturing atmosphere that has really calmed my nerves. Before the year starts I want to organize my planner with important deadlines for the school year, for example, the financial aid payment deadlines. This summer program has really opened my eyes to a whole new learning environment which I am very excited to be a part of. I am still nervous about how tough the curriculum will be because I know it will not be anything like high school, but that will not stop me from what I came to college to do: to make a difference.