Summer Fun

As I prepare for my first day at Lincoln University, I must reflect on my last summer before entering college. The beginning of summer I was mainly worried about how in the world I would be paying for my plane ticket to Missouri and then the further expenses. I also had to pack up my entire room. We all know parents love to give deadlines for these types of things, and I could not go anywhere until I was finished. Luckily I was given a pass because I had just started my first job. My job was gardening and I learned a lot about different plants like maintenance. I was able to do something I enjoyed while getting paid and getting a work out. But the money situation was still a problem even with my newly found job. Luckily we were able to get help from different people around my neighborhood. So from then on it was mainly preparation for this new adventure I was about to have.

I had to do all the things a normal college freshman would have to do. But unlike most of the people around me I was going far away from home to a different state. So I had to be mentally prepared for the change. I made to say thank you to those who have helped me and to say good bye to those I would miss. And for the majority of the summer I hung out with my friends because we were all going our separate ways. As I was on the plane coming here to Jefferson City, Missouri, I realized that I would not see California until December. I would not be able to go and visit my father or my friends. I would practically be on my own. However I knew that I was ready to leave and to learn something new.

There is only one thing I want to get done before my first day of school and that is to be mentally prepared to have to be independent. So here goes nothing.

Thank You Ed Fund Members