The Beginning

Before I graduated high school I decided to work every now or then. My plan was to enjoy my vacations before college came along. Throughout summer, I worked for six days at the Golden Gate Fields where I got paid a good decent amount. With the money I received I bought a couple of things for my apartment and most importantly school. A few of the supplies I bought were my backpack, materials such as pencils and notebooks. I was extremely grateful to have been able to purchase all the supplies. It was for sure one less thing for my parents to worry about and it was one more thing I got to do independently.

Soon enough it was my move in day, August 21st. I was nervous, yet excited to have my own place. My parents have always been supportive, but the week before my arrival to Sacramento they were sad. I felt bad leaving my household, but it was necessary for my studies. So far they have visited me twice and there is nothing better than seeing the smiles on my parents faces.

There is exactly a week before school begins and I am beyond ready to begin. I am confident that I will do well. In fact, all I have to do is see which books I will actually need for my classes. Other than that, I have everything I need. My roommate is attending Sac State as well and a few of my friends from back home will be moving in this week to Sacramento. So far so good! I have met a few people during my stay here in Sacramento and I am one step closer to building friendships with many more college students.

Once school starts I plan to study as much as possible and prepare myself for quizzes. This is it. I have to do my very best of my ability, yet not be too hard on myself. As of now, I have one job interview and I can not wait. I really do hope I get this job because I would like to get used to my schedule and time frame. Something I did was go look for the location of my job interview so, that when the day comes I am not lost and will be on time. I noticed that the job interview is in a good location. I might not be completely familiar with Sacramento, but the more I go out to explore the more places I know are around me.

The day before school begins I plan to organize my backpack and double check that I have all that I might need. Sacramento State is known for not using books as much as other schools which is a good thing. In that case I might be saving money. If the outcome is the opposite of that theory than I have enough money saved to purchase the books I will need for the Fall.