The very first month

This first month has been a roller coaster for me as a student. For the first time in my whole educational career, I am going to a school where I’m not familiar with anybody here. In some respect, I was very excited to go an experience a brand new adventure. On the other hand, I was nervous in unfamiliar territory. I think that my university planned my arrival, as well as other freshman’s’, pretty well.  I separate us into groups and challenged us to have contact with each other. So I founded it easy to make friends in this very small university. All of the people that are in my class are very nice and I have not met anyone that would cause me any grief. Although I made a lot of friends, I often feel lonely in the halls because a majority of my friends are living in dorms. In order to access the dorms, we need to have certain keys open the entrance for us. Then there are separate keys to open the rooms. So it is hard for me to socialize with the people because of the locked gate in front of me. This is also the first time that I had to deal with the morning commute. It is already a thirty minute drive to get there on campus but the traffic adds another half hour. I also have to get use to waking up early because I always drop off my brother before I go and they start at 8. Unfortunately for me, the traffic is especially dense during that time. Another thing that I must adjust to is the workload that I have on my plate. I have a five class schedule and the amount of work that I have to do is ridiculous. To combat this I began to study with my friends and they inspired me to work hard but also enjoy what this place has to offer. Overall, I have had a positive experience in my first months and I hope that this trend will continue.