What is College to a Student?

College? Most people know what college is. They know its a place people attend to after graduating high school where they obtain some sort of degree to specialize in a certain field, which will later extend their job opportunities, resume, and much more. However, what most people do not know is that college is much more than just a place to learn and extend one’s education. It is a place where one has to be independent if one is not already doing so. A place where one’s education can only continue if one is paying tuition, books, class materials, lunch, transportation and all other expenses. Maybe one can be lucky enough to say a scholarship paid tuition, or received a Pell/Cal Grant that paid for books. Whatever the case might be for someone attending college, we all know that college is no joke once our dreams of becoming a lawyer, nurse, doctor etc. are based on whether or not we pays our classes and tuition etc. To top it off, we also have to worry passing classes, and keeping up with all the homework’s given.

Procrastination in college might be the thing to do for the first few weeks. Almost everyone is used to procrastinating in high school anyways. A month later however, or even earlier, one starts realizing procrastination will not only affect your grade, but also ones conscious and health. Teachers might give you a 3 page packet with all types of math problems due within one week. You think the first days during that week it is all fun and games, until you reach the last day to turn in that packet and you’re up all night, stressing and feeling anxious to get it done because you cannot seem to understand how to do half of the packet. You start to think back to the days you wasted, which could have been used to look carefully at all your notes, textbook, online etc., and realize you made a big mistake. College has taught me that doing my work the same day that was assigned, it’s much better than waiting. In cases of big essays and other projects when teachers give about 2 to 3 weeks of completion, then it’s also better to start it the day assigned and do little by little each day. At the end however, its the best feeling to lay in bed at night and think that you are keeping up with all your assignments on time, you are most likely passing all your classes because tutoring has been helping you a lot, and each day you are learning new things, both educational and how to become a responsible adult in college.