Big Game

For all the scholars here at Cal, you know what the Big Game is, for those of you who don’t, it’s the football game that Cal plays against our sworn rivals, Stanfurd. No disrespect to any scholars in Stanford or scholars aspiring to go to Stanford but that’s just how I was told to refer it to when talking about the Big Game.

Personally, I am not the biggest football fan. The first college game I saw against Sacramento State and it was a sweet victory. But football games are long and dig into a lot of time I could be using be friends on the weekend. Fortunately, everyone was going to the Big Game.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for my younger brother and sneak him into the student section; he was pretty excited to go. The game itself wasn’t the best on our part, interceptions kept being made by Stanford and almost every touchdown we scored was placed under reviewed and for some reason didn’t count towards the points. People in the stands were pretty upset that we weren’t scoring and spread rumors that the referees were being paid off to make unfair calls. I wouldn’t know.

It was really fun teaching my younger brother the chants and the screams; he really liked it when the crowd created a loud humming sound to create a distraction so that Stanford’s quarterback couldn’t make the calls. I got to hand it to them, even though their crowds in the stands were small, they were pretty loud. However, loud doesn’t mean better. Our half-time was better, the marching band had phenomenal choreography and instrumentals and our cheers were better. You could feel the pause between vibrations, “GO!”… “BEARS”! It was amazing. My younger brother was glad that Stanford won, (he wants to go there), but it’s not all about winning.

Stay strong Scholars.