Thanksgiving at Brown

First Thanksgiving at college! Unfortunately, I will not be returning home for this extended weekend. However, a majority of the people I know are, leaving me and one other person the only people on my floor. The library is closed on Thanksgiving, so doing my research paper using non-digital sources is going to be impossible. On top of that, most of the on-campus eateries are closed for this weekend, meaning I only have one place to get food on campus. On Thanksgiving, finding food is a struggle. Most of the restaurants near the campus are closed for the day. In addition, the only eatery that I can get food from my meal plan opens at 11:30. I was hungry at 10.
Despite my food problems on this one day, for the most part, my college experience has been amazing. Last week, while celebrating my friend’s birthday, we went to Dave and Buster’s, coincidentally on Brown University’s Senior Dave and Buster’s night. Basically, we got free $10 play card from Brown University, even though my friends and I are not seniors. I am also pleased that midterm season is officially over. Why is it called a midterm when there are 2 midterms during the course? I still have no idea. But a junior told me midterms do not end until finals. I am not sure if this is true, but it is difficult for me to grasp that I only have one more week of class before reading period.
The exams at Brown are different from exams in high school. Essay expectations are higher, and professors expect a lot from students. On the bright side, going to office hours to get help with essays really do help. I often find that I have a vague idea of what to write and solidifying those ideas after a 10-minute conversation with the professor. I also learned to show up early for in class exams. This important because even though I showed up before the exams were distributed, I was stuck in a left-handed seat. First-world problems. In the future, I will show up about 10 minutes earlier so I can get a good seat.

This semester went by so quickly. Hopefully I do well on my future exams and I am truly glad that I am here.