Beginning A New Chapter

After graduating high school and going into my college career I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that college would be a huge step away from high school but that it would grant me access to limitless possibilities that would greatly benefit me in the future. All summer long I found myself contained in my house looking up college forums on the Internet to get a feel of what college might be like. I’d spent countless hours on my college’s website digging up all the info I could to ensure I was familiar with my school and the resources that would help me to be a successful student. I was so excited to be starting a new chapter in my life that college became a great interest to me.
I have always been one to be interested in school as well as focused on my academics and I constantly wondered just how UC Merced would influence my interest on both. Although I was excited about college, I wasn’t really a big fan of the school I’d be attending for the next four years. The college is literally located in the middle of nowhere and the town reminds me of a rural area. When people think of college, they mostly think about the outside and wild party life. I must admit, I thought of those things too when college came to mind, but soon as I stepped foot in Merced, California, my whole perspective of my college experience changed. Merced is a very small, quite town and there isn’t much to do. The atmosphere out here is much different than the bay area’s and I immediately knew this was the place for me. I enjoy the quite, peacefulness of the city and there are no distractions. I am able to think clearly and focus on school.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to receive on-campus housing due to limited space so I had to get an apartment. So far it has been great, just consists of a lot of responsibility. I do enjoy the independence though. Being away from home feels good. I miss my family, but I know that I have to take care of business and focus on school in order to achieve my most valued goals for my family and myself. As of now, college is a wonderful experience but I know that there are more great things to come that will make my experience impeccable.