What I Expect This Quarter From Me

Last quarter did not go exactly as I expected. The reason given is because I knew that I was going into a higher level of education. Though throughout the quarter I realize how poorly my teachers from high school taught me. I had to put in twice as much effort as my fellow peers in College. I was used to having a 4.0 all throughout middle school and high school that when I received my final results I was devastated. On a positive note I was able to interact with several upperclassmen students. I was able to pick up a few learning/studying techniques from them. I honestly have a hard time studying in College because there is so much information all at once. Studying for a high school test is nothing compare to studying for a College test. I now realize that I need to study as I take the class and not just a day or two before I have the test. So my goals for this quarter are to always study for a midterm in a week advanced as for my finals study at least 2 weeks before. Since I am in a quarter system I basically need to start to study as soon as I start my classes. I will do whatever it takes to be prepared for my exams because there is nothing more disappointing than low test scores. I will for sure increase my study hours and read over all of my notes. First quarter was my wake up call I did not know exactly what to expect but know I realize how fast a quarter goes by. Last quarter I had all of my classes all over the place I had from a 9:00am class to 8:00pm class which killed me because I did not use my 2 hour breaks wisely. I now know that I need to do my homework/study in between my classes to not stay up until 2 or 3am. The good news is that I end classes everyday at 5 now and will have more straight hours to work on all of my homework. I learn my lesson first quarter now I will for sure try different techniques to insure myself to obtain better grades.