Parties, Friends, Time Management.

Reflecting back on the first term of my freshman year, leaves me with 3 really important recurrences. The first, parties. Being that my school is made up about 1,400 people, the parties aren’t that big or advertised. But I did go to a lot of parties my first term, and I found myself in a lot of different situations. Partying, and being social is a really big part of college, so my first term, I took it upon myself to make sure I go to a lot of the parties my school had! Parties, also lead to alcohol and drugs, which is something all college students should be aware of. I countlessly saw people being carried out of parties for being too drunk. So in a way its all about knowing your limits.

Secondly, friends is and was a really important factor to me my first term. I became close friends with a lot of the girls I live with. But I also made really good friends with people I don’t live with. Finding the right friends in college hasn’t been extremely hard for me, considering I was a very social person in high school. So my advice to any person starting college is to make friends with people who genuinely care about you and share similar interests with you.

Lastly, time management was huge for me first term. I often found myself reading a head or doing extra homework to get ahead and have enough time for things beside school. Time management was also very crucial for me during finals week, pulling 3
“all-nighters” in order to study for my Africana Studies final paid off entirely, just remember we humans do need sleep and a social life.