Entering College

The beginning of college was a great transition for me, knowing that I was moving to a completely new city. Not only because it was going to be a new and different environment but also because I was going to be seven hours away from my family, who have always supported me and cheered me on. At the beginning of the year this greatly affected me, but as the first quarter continued I became more adjust to this “new life”. One of the first things I learned entering college was that it is very different from high school, therefore changes need to be made in a person’s behavior and way of approaching situations. Work in college is definitely more time consuming than that of high school, this meant that I had to use my time wisely. For me, this took a while to figure out, but as time went by I managed to set my priorities and work from that. With the stress of adjusting to college also comes the excitement of learning new things and meeting new people. The classes at UCLA are packed with information and allow me to apply what I learn to life outside of college. This is very rewarding. The classes are not always easy, but the professors and staff are always willing to help. This allows me to interact with the professor and ask any questions I may have. Also, I’ve learned that the groups on campus are very welcoming. I myself have joined one that has greatly helped me feel better about the college life. This group helps me socialize with others but also helps me stay actives, such as participating in community service and career workshops. Even though the start of my college life was filled with ups and down, I have learned to love it and continue to look forward to the upcoming quarters !