Me Time, Difficult classes and History

My first quarter at UC Davis was a bit of a struggle. One of my classes was pretty hard since we were doing entirely new and different things like synthesizing theories and then using your synthesized theory to come up with a new theory. That was an entirely different concept for me and I struggled with that. Also at the same time I had so much going on like midterms, essays, campus events and just hanging out and getting to know new people that I forgot all about myself. I struggled with getting me time and just thinking about all these adjustments and how I was dealing with them. What I also learned during this first quarter is that in times of great stress I kind of tend to take things at a normal and slow pace and not get stressed out, usually. Or just laugh or make fun about it. I also learnt that I am pretty interested in the history of buildings or a place. I never really thought of myself as a person who would be interested in history since all the history classes in high school seemed okay. But it felt so surreal when I learned that a bunch of students went on a hunger strike in the 90s in front of the Chancellor’s office so that the Cross Cultural Center on campus could be created. Learning about such an important event that matters immensely for a local community and then walking on the same steps that those students took for such a building to be created with a lot of resources for student of color just amazes me.
During my current quarter I hope to focus a lot more on myself and how I am still adjusting to these developments and changes. Also probably to seek out a lot more resources like tutoring to always be on the top of my game. I also would love to learn more about the dedications to the buildings and halls we have here as students sometimes seem to not know at all who these people are. We go to classes named after great professors and educators but do not know anything about them. I wish to somehow make sure that students know what famous person’s dedicated building or hall they are walking in or have classes in. Lastly I just wish to have another successful yet a bit difficult quarter so I can always understand the value this education holds.