Winter Quarter Change

In the beginning of this quarter I was a little depressed, because I really messed up last quarter with my academics. That has not stopped me from looking at this as a lesson that will help me understand that you will always need to ask for help even though you think you know everything. Personally I thought I could do everything myself and had help from my tutors but had a lot of stress I would shove off from the work load. What made me realize is that stress that I put to the side would come back to me when I would take a major test that would determine my grade. Going in its fine, but once it starts you question everything you know and ask if what you are doing is right. That is what I went through in my head, but now I have taken one midterm and it was fine, because I study hard and asked others to test me and ask questions that they made up. I have developed a better schedule for myself and follow it more than I did last quarter. I am now more aware of where I need help and where my strong points are. I have really taken a step back from last quarter to really change the way I do things, because I am not just saying it to make me feel better I am doing what I am saying and following what I need to do. I know that college is not a place where you can act like it’s high school, but sometimes those old habits come back and you may not notice tell you take a step back and see that you are setting yourself up for a train wreck. I am going to make this change and acknowledge that I have made mistakes and will accept all the help and advice given to me.