My College Life

College has not been easy. Although it is my second semester attending college, the fact that every 5-6 months your schedule, your professors, and classmates change is hard to handle. I was barely becoming used to my past professor’s way of grading, lecturing and rules when I am now in complete different classrooms with new set of rules and ways of grading. But I cannot complain, after all college has also been a blessing. Being the first generation to attend college is something that makes me feel proud and helps me pull through the obstacles to make my mother proud. I am obtaining the financial aid I was seeking by not having to pay those hundreds of dollars for my classes, those expensive books, and transportation. Thanks to the Ed Fund scholarship, I was also able to buy a new computer after having to struggle with a pretty old and slow one. Being in the second semester of my college experience is now a little easier than my first. I am more familiar with the campus, the people attending there, and its resources to make my education a little easier and successful. I know that having succeeded my first semester with decent grades, and a positive attitude will now make the rest of my upcoming semesters easier. I am now looking forward to figuring out what my career will actually be since I still do not have a clear path of what I am really striving for, but I am working hard while figuring out such tough decision. I am also starting to get involved with people from upper classes that are on their way to transfer to a four year college, which is helping me get prepared for when I finally transfer on. I believe that college is what you make it, and I am making it my main priority, a place where I can have fun, and learn all that I know will help me get through the rest of my life.