New Quarter, New Challenges

In the midst of ending this quarter strong, I am faced with a struggle that most students deal with during their college career. Although I initially applied to UCLA as a pre-sociology major, I have not been following the pre-requisites for my respective major. Instead, I decided to be undeclared in order to follow a more flexible track that can help gauge my interest with potential majors. Rather than confine myself to a major and follow the pre-requisites, I wanted to come to a decision after taking my time.
While this may seem great, I have been having a tough time enrolling in courses for next quarter. In fact, all I want to do is know what major I am working towards. Yet, I do not know what major I desire to pursue. I am rather impatient at the moment, especially by the few undeclared majors I have encountered. It seems as if many students have decided their major, which I know is unlikely, yet still unnerving. All I know is that I want a career that involves interacting with others in improving their circumstances. Since this can be translated into many fields of work, let alone majors, I am having a tough time deciding the right major.
While declaring a major is not a pressing matter during one’s first year, it is an experience that I am nonetheless undergoing. I have not reached my moment of sudden realization just yet, even with the classes I have and am currently taking. However, I have appreciate the anthropology and sociology classes I have taken. In order to navigate through my array of interests, I plan on making an appointment with the Career Center. Hopefully with some guidance, I can look into potential majors and careers with a clearer state of mind. It is important to be patient during times of frustration. Rushing into activities, let alone majors will deter one’s college experience. After all, college is meant for self-discovery, not self-containment. It is the prime time in one’s life to explore and further one’s character development. As easy as this advice seems to execute, it is quite difficult. However, I know it is only with time, that my future will become clearer.