Managing time. New counseling

Managing time? that’s one tough word for a college student, at least from my current situation. Homework, study time, reading,meetings, friends etc.,it’s just hectic. Although its my second semester in college I still find it hard to leave “party time”, or “fun time” with friends for reading or study time. I have to admit I have put aside my school work to hang out, but I’ve had to deal with that choice the hard way when I got back my first statistics quiz this semester. It’s all about choices now, and I realized that all of them will either affect me or benefit me later on. All I have to do is think through what my next step will be and the consequences it will bring. Plus, there’s nothing better than putting your priorities first. I say this because I’ve experience not being able to enjoy time that’s supposed to be about fun and enjoyment all because your conscious keeps reminding you that you left something more important to do than what you’re doing at the moment.

This semester we had a major change of counselors and even president of the school. Being part of the EOPS program and having one specific counselor to visit every month affected me in the sense that the counselor I met with was one of those who left. However, I cannot complain at all, the new counselor I was assigned gave me really good advice and I was able to feel some kind of connection with her in terms of our mindset. She is a Latina woman with a Masters degree in Sociology which is what I’m interested in. The connection I felt with her was from our similar thoughts and goals. She helped me understand many things from social working as well as transferring. I’m now looking forward to my next EOPS appointments unlike back then