College Difficulties

My college freshman year is almost over and I have to admit that somehow I am still surviving all of these difficult exams and courses! At the beginning of my college life I had a very rough start. Housing problems and economic struggles, I worked 30 hours a week in order to pay for my basic necessities: rent, bills, school supplies and food. Because of my economic situation I cannot afford living on campus and in Rohnert Park rent is TOO expensive! One bedroom apartment is $1200-1400 per month. Many tears and stress that it has caused, but I think it was all worth it because I’m pursuing my dreams and besides my academic achievements I am also learning to live on my own, pay everything without anyone helping me out and that is a big step for someone so young as me. However, my spring semester I was able to pull through and manage everything, I currently work half of what I used to so I have time to complete all my work and I have time to have fun, which is very nice .

Regardless of all the difficulties I have face. I have met many wonderful people here at Sonoma, I was very afraid the first couple of weeks because everything is new and you are no familiar with anyone but though my job interacting with my college students has helped my gain many friends and other professional relationships. Yes college is VERY VERY VERY hard but it’s not the end of the world.

Something that I have learn is that, everything will be OK at the end, and if it’s no OK it is not the end!
I can say that I am ready for any challenge …