College Thus Far

So far, I have extremely enjoyed my freshman year of college. I’ve met some amazing people, got involved with organizations on and off campus, and have learned many things about myself. I also defied the odds of “freshman fifteen”, in fact I actually have lost weight since being in college! Along with the various lessons and people I have met, I have also fell in love with Tuskegee (which is in Alabama) and being in the south in general.
This year, I have join the Air Force ROTC program in which I am working hard to get through so once I graduate, I will become an US Officer in the Air Force. When most people hear this, they automatically think that I will be going to war and shooting people. But in reality, I will be a leader over other nurses in either a military affiliated hospital, clinic, or Air Force base setting. I am really excited to join the Air Force in order to serve my country. Along with having the opportunity to serve my country, I will also be able to do what I love most; taking care of people. To me, this an amazing opportunity that I am definitely taking advantage of.
Another organization that I have been actively involved in is, I Am My Brother’s Keeper. Through this organization, I help tutor and mentor students within the Tuskegee community twice a week for two hours. I enjoy this community service because interacting with the kids brings me many laughs and genuine smiles. I also enjoy watching when the kids began to understand something that they once struggled with; it makes me feel that I am doing my job right and that I am making an impact on their lives. I believe getting involved on campus as well as in the community is a great way to interact and meet new people. It also makes you a well-rounded person compared to people who just go to class and don’t make an impact on their campus or community.
Being involved has been one of the main ways to keep myself busy and active. I believe that getting involved in something that you enjoy will make your college experience one to remember. So to all the college bound students, once you enter college, get involve and make the best of your college experience because it will be over in a blink of an eye.