It’s Time to Start Improving

Winter quarter was definitely one of the most challenging thus far. Even though three out of the five courses I took were the same as I took in the fall quarter, the difficulty increased. The expectations for the end of the quarter entailed four research papers, including exams and presentations that I needed to prepare for. However, what made things difficult for me was the fact that some of the classes were not as time-dedicated to these assignments as others. For instance, my English class this past quarter has been entirely devoted to its research paper, and assignments and presentations related to the overall project, whereas in my introductory comparative politics, the students were responsible for allocating time toward our presentations, research papers, and other assignments.

As I mentioned in my last post, time management is still a major issue for me. As a result, I had a very hard time balancing all my work. I was unable to make enough time for any extracurricular activities or social time with my peers. I dedicated all my time to my classes. On one hand, I am proud of myself for working as hard as I did because my grades reflected my hard work. On the other hand, while I am aware that education is a first priority while being in college, I wish I managed my time better to be engaged in a more well-rounded college experience.

For this spring quarter, which is my last quarter of the year, I am determined to improve. Fortunately, my schedule is much lighter compared to the last two quarters. I plan on making an effective schedule for myself so I know when to do which assignments and for how long; even if I do not completely finishing studying, I will abide by my schedule so I do not spend too much time on one thing and let the rest of my work get less time and attention. I am looking forward to seeing how this quarter will go. I am looking forward to how I will start to improve my time management and all the opportunities I may be able to have.