My Improvements !

Last semester I did really well for my first semester, but there were many mistakes I made that prevented me from doing as well as I liked. This semester I learned to take care of my personal business regarding my major or financial aid etc. during the down time I had between classes. I also am taking the resources I am granted with more seriousness like EOP. I am now going to tutoring more, using the study rooms, attending the different events or sessions they have that will be useful for me in the future such as study abroad, networking etc.

I’ve also learned to balance my time and use my planner, library, and Starbucks to it’s full potential. The planner is to plan out my day and remember the important events, assignments, and responsibilities that I need to fulfill. The library is to work on my homework or study with others who are in my class to receive the best results on my assignements. Starbucks is to work on my homework as well as the library but also reenergize myself with a tea and a snack.
This semester I’ve became more independent, responsible, and determined.