Blog Post #3

At the beginning of the year, I felt like I had the most trouble with procrastination concerning my schoolwork. I was accustomed to high school ways of completing homework where I would start the assignments last minute and still get a good grades on them. I’ve learned that it is not that easy in college. Procrastinating in college really holds me back because I have to manage work from multiple classes while also trying to fit in time to study for upcoming midterms. Letting all of that pile up is a disaster. Not concerned about the quality as much as getting things done, I’d rush to finish the essays or assignments. This caused so much stress on me because I knew I wasn’t producing my best work and I was making life harder for me than it had to be. In order for me to retain information, I have to commit the proper time and effort in my schoolwork to bring about my best performance. Now I that I have found ways to better manage my time, it’s led to a reduction of stress and an improvement in my test scores.
That being said I feel like my biggest improvements have been practicing a better time management system and being more confident in my abilities. Compared to last semester, I am so much calmer and well rested because I now prioritize my time. I’ve also learned to be more confident in my academic abilities. At first I was intimidated being around students that I felt were better prepared for college than I was, but now I know that I am as capable as any other student to be successful in college. I’m enjoying my college journey so far and I look forward to what is to come in the future.