It’s almost over

My first year in college has been a great experience, I have learned so much, I have struggled but everything has been worth it. I have met wonderful professors that are very knowledgeable and helpful which is great , I hope that I continue to have amazing professor like this next year, but we can forget that the year is not over yet, FINALS! Are just around the corner. So far so good, however, I need to finish strong! This semester has been very stressful yet easier compare my last semester, I’m taking 16 units and currently have earned good grades in all my classes except for math which I have a D. But I know I can raise it, so I’m not so worried. I’m very excited and nervous, Thursday I have a state conference and I have to speak to 200 people. I hope everything goes well. Currently were are all registering for classes for the fall. New start, I’m still planning my schedule but it’s very annoying because every time I try to add a class it gets full pretty quickly since SSU is very small and they give preference to upper-classman so they are the first ones to take all the classes specially if they are still working on their GE’s, we freshman’s are sadly left with classes ether in the morning or classes on Fridays and honestly no one likes to take those classes especially getting up early and not having a long weekend. So hopefully when it comes to my turn I hope there are some classes open that I can register for.
One more thing I can forget is this summer I’m moving in with some of my friends that I met here in college, which I am very excited for. They are very nice persons who have been like sisters to me, the sad thing about it is they are older. All of my friends are juniors and seniors which means I will have to say good-bye to them pretty soon.