Overal Experience

My first year in college was no piece of cake, I mean I’m majoring in software engineering, but hey with a little effort and positive energy you can get through pretty much anything. So far college, both academically and socially, has been an exciting experience. I’ve met several new people who I treasure dearly and I’ve learned so much. I joined two clubs in my college, the engineering society and the BSU. I love being involved in the clubs because they give each member opportunities with major companies in their fields of study. To be honest I thought college was going to be really difficult and I wasn’t sure I was completely prepared to take the next step but the time I’ve spent here I wouldn’t take back for anything. Sure there are times when you have to stay up all night in order to complete your assignments but that just makes you grow more as a person and it helps you prepare for future hardships in your line of work. I remember that one of my teachers from high school told me to make my decisions wisely because the years you remember most are your college years and that whatever you do in them will affect your future. In other words, you have to look past the headaches and remember that you are still young and you should go have fun, enjoy your spare time because you’ll rarely have some. For example, I love to meet new people and help out when I can so I’m volunteering to help my college with the new student orientation they are going to have in fall for the incoming freshmen. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a fun new experience for me and I can help new students have a great introduction of how their next four years are going to be like.