It’s over! … Sort of.

I am astonished to say that my first year at Cal has come to an end. I never imagined one year to have as much as an impact on me as it did. I remember being unsure of my footing for months, stating that my major was undeclared and that I did not have a plan for my life after my time at Berkeley.

I searched endlessly for a major that could provide a future for me and not entail graduate school due to the loans I would have to deal with. I debated the following majors: an Economics major, a Psychology major, an Architecture major, becoming a business student at the Haas business school, and a Molecular Cell Biology major. I began to relate the majors to my person because, in my opinion, by debating majors, I was, essentially, debating who I wanted to become.

However, this semester, I realized that the answer was before me since the day I submitted my application to Cal. I needed to face the consequences my decision would entail – the graduate school, the loans, and the time needed. These factors could no longer play a role in my decision. I needed to achieve what I came to UC Berkeley to achieve. I needed to choose what would make me happy as well. Therefore, I have chosen to remain a pre-med student at Cal and major in Public Health. I eagerly await my next 3 years at Cal and the 4 years I will spend at medical school afterwards.

I want to thank the Edfund Scholarship committee for assisting me this year with my funds. The Edfund has helped make it possible for me to study at a fantastic university and work towards my dreams every day. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and what you continue to do for others in the West Contra Costa School District.