Coming to an End

With all my finals completed, I can now say that I finished my first year of college. Looking back, at the Beginning of August, I would never thought I would make it this far. I was unconfident in myself because college was something new and different for me. I managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA, despite the obstacles I encountered in my first year experience. I am very proud of myself for all that accomplished in my first year of college, since most first year students do not return back to school the following semester. I took advantage of many resources that my school offered in order to ensure that I would have a successful first year. Some resources that I took advantage of were EOPS(Extended Opportunity Program and Services), which provides low-income students with academic counseling, one-on-one tutoring for each subject and book grants. Another resource that I took advantage of is a programs called FYE(First Year Experience) that gives first year students, who are enrolled in remedial classes the tools necessary in order to get through their first year of college. My next step for the Fall semester is to continue with my general education courses and the courses required for my program.