Almost at the Finish Line

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time can fly by. Spring quarter is already close to ending and soon I will have completed my first year of college. I am so happy to say that during this quarter, I noticed a positive change in terms of my time management. Compared to fall and winter quarters, which were filled with heavy reading and writing courses, my spring quarter class schedule was much more balanced and less hectic. As a result, I have been able to devise a way to appropriately allocate time studying and attention to each subject. My most difficult class is my ethics class, and while a lot of reading is involved, I have been able to counteract this by taking an acting class, which is much more enjoyable.

As a result of my new-found time, I have been able to engage in Igwe more and have been attending more meetings. I would like to continue my involvement in the club because I believe it serves as an alternative way to learn about the current news, particularly regarding race. For example, during the last meeting, we had a discussion about a display that Santa Clara’s student government made in the quad, which depicted statistics and stories about the injustices that undocumented citizens face in the United States. I was not aware of this information and hearing everyone’s opinions and insights about the subject helped me gain more knowledge and awareness.

Finals are in a matter of days and soon I will be facing the same pressure I have dealt with in the past. I believe that this time I will be better prepared for them because I was better able to allocate studying time. I have also learned from before that one of my other issues was not starting as early as possible. However, I am confident in the actions I have taken this quarter and believe that with the hard work and dedication I put towards my studies, I will come out successful and end the year on a good note. In doing so, I will have given myself a great beginning towards my summer vacation.