Freshman Year

My freshman year in college had its ups and it’s downs. At the beginning it was a slight challenge adjusting and staying on top of everything. As the weeks went on I was better adjusted and developed better study habits. My freshman year was no easy journey. One of my best friends passed away and I was diagnosed with a sickness that doesn’t have a cure. Both of these aspects indeed affected my schoolwork, especially when I hospitalized. However I worked diligently to try to catch up and keep moving forward. I got to meet some great people while at CSUSB and developed some great friendships. The chefs are very kind and make some of the best food. The dorms are quiet and actually aren’t that bad. The flaws to the dorms are the sharing bathroom and a kitchen aspect. I solved that with cans of Lysol and a mini refrigerator. Although my freshman year had it’s up’s and downs, I really liked my freshman year in college. It ultimately made me stronger and taught me some life lessons. All I have to do now is pass finals and my freshman year will be complete. I’m going to enjoy my summer break, but I’ll be ready to return in the fall as I take on my sophomore year of college.