Lessons Learned

I was not exactly having the time of my life this past week due to the amount of stress that finals has put on me. I have been too caught up with school to reflect on what I had experienced this school year. Two semesters felt like two years. I had obstacles thrown at me from every direction. Some I dodged, some I tackled. I would like to think that due to what I have been through, I was forced to mature faster than I was meant to during my first year in college.

I had my fair share of anxiety attacks, breakdowns, and revaluations. I had troubles looking for someone or something to remind me what I needed to do and how I should be doing it. I lost myself for a bit and it took a while for me to get to where I am now. I may have fallen back in school but I managed to snap out of it and get work done.

I took a loss but I still tried my best on my final exams. It lead to other obstacles such as having my financial rewards taken away, however, I am currently handling the situation. This was eye-opening. As part of the process of getting back on my feet with my academics, I had spent more time on learning how to better my time management and financing. This should help me for the upcoming term. I plan on becoming a better scholar and continue to pick myself up no matter what the obstacle is.