My Initial college fears

Initially, I thought college was going be extremely tough and overwhelming. And the stories most high school students, including myself, are bombarded with about college being extremely hard with countless amount of hours of homework did not help. I was stressing my self out just thinking about it. I thought I was going to be overloaded with tons of homework and have to trade my free time with study time. However, when I actually started my first quarter of classes it wasn’t that bad. Sometimes there would be nights where I would be up all night studying and times where I felt frustrated with all the work I had to do. However after those night would turn into mornings and the assignments were finally complete I would experience a period of relief that would act as my motivation to take on new assignments to come. And occasionally, a good test or quiz would also act as reminder that my hard work pays off. I also could thank my mentor for some of my stress relief. My mentor, Esso gave some great advice and great guidance. I literally looked forward to our weekly meetings so that I could just unwind and find new strategies to attack new assignments and other events occurring in my life. On top of all these things, I was still able to make time for my life outside of school, which also contributed to me keeping my sanity.