One of the main differences between high school and college.

College so far is nothing like high school; and there are many changes I noticed between the two. The main two differences, however I noticed is that there is a substantial change in maturity levels from high school students to college students, and students do not receive as much support from college professors as they do in high school. First the maturity level is different amongst college students than high school students. The students here at CSUSB aren’t worried about the clothes they wear, who’s dating who, or how many friends they have like most high school students are. The maturity level is way higher on college campuses. College is actually more of a very calm environment where you mostly hear talk amongst your peers of the stress their experiencing from upcoming exams, rather than down talking of someone’s appearance. Second, the teachers. The teachers in college do not provide as much support as high school teachers. For example, in high school students would often receive handouts as extra practice for the material they’ve learned. In college, extra practice is looking in your book for additional practice problems or online for resources to help you study. You essentially have to take more control over your learning.