Second Semester

My second semester of my college career, I would say, was a lot better than my first. I was fortunately able to pick my own classes and get the classes I wanted. I also started to get more involved on campus in terms of activities and organizations. Overall, my course load for the second semester was a lot more lax than the first and at times, a lot more interesting. I was able to take an Asian American Contemporary Issues course which was great in the sense of being able to learn about a group of people in a way that I had never done before. I was also able to branch out more and met more people and like I said get involved more. I set up an intramural team of me and my friends, which allowed me to have fun and meet people. My team ended up doing well and we even won the schools’ championship. I was also able to help out and volunteer for the admissions office and help potential students who were interested in attending LMU. With the admissions office, I was able to fly out to the Bay Area and speak to graduating high school seniors who were thing about coming. That was definitely a fun experience and something I look forward to doing more in the future. I also was able to build up my network of business majors by joining the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. This was a great experience and something that I will touch on in a future post. To conclude this post I would like to encourage any and everyone to get as involved as possible on campus without getting distracted from your studies. This will allow you to meet several people that you would have never met otherwise. College is where you make your life long friends if you go and search for them.