Third quarter

This school year my experiences taught me several things. I did not do so well in my first two quarters but I improved greatly on my third quarter in college which I am so proud of. I worked so hard in all of my classes and I learned that I should stop comparing myself to how others are doing academically because we all come from different places. I realize that I had to work double as hard as them because the level of education that I was offered was not as high as theirs. I have struggled but I continue to push through it strong. I have always been so thankful to have received this scholarship because honestly without it I would not be able to continue paying for college. I know that I will start next year stronger than ever because I now am aware of the high standards I need to meet. I am incredible thankful for this scholarship and I hope that my improvement allows me to continue being part of this great opportunity that you guys have give me. I am currently super happy to have finished my first year in college and at the moment I am taking summer classes at CCC to improve my overall GPA.