I did it!

To begin with, I did it! I made it through my first year of college, I didn’t finish as strong as I would like but I did make it. Under the many circumstances that I faced, I did it. And let me explain why it’s so astonishing to me that I made it.

I was with thousands of people who’ve had their lives set up for them by their parents and even their parents had their lives set up for them by their parents. I really didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have what they did, a parent who went to college, a parent pushing them, expecting the best from them. What I did have was my peers from all over California, students who have faced similar struggles early in life.

Unfortunately, some didn’t make the best decisions while they were in college, some partied too much, drank, smoke, skipped class, and every time they were talked to by myself or my peers they refused to accept our help. Then there are the students who put in so much effort but are still not able to keep up. School beats them down, and puts them down because the stress becomes so much for them that they think they can’t do it anymore. I know many of these students who wished to become doctors or engineers but are constantly reminded that it is not possible, that they are too behind.

I have had many friends terminated, suspended, placed on academic probation, or who have chosen to withdraw altogether. And it’s not just at my college, it happens at other colleges. I feel accomplished but also a sense of guilt that I can’t pull everyone else with me. I am not the student that does nothing but party, I know better than that. I am also not the student who knows everything they are supposed to do, but I do have help.

There are many things I wish I knew before coming to college. The best I can do is share that knowledge with the upcoming college students. I have completed my first year, I hope to help others do the same.