Experiencing a different culture.

When some of my friends think about college, they think about how excited they are to finally be leaving their homes and making a life of their own. However, when I think about college, I think of the culture I’ll be leaving behind and the culture that I’ll soon experience. The culture that I’m talking about is the diversity in the bay. I wasn’t born here, but the culture of diversity in the bay area is all I have ever known. For this reason, it is a bit nerve wracking to think about immersing myself in another culture such as that of So Cal’s.
I’ve never visited So Cal, but I’ve heard that the diversity there is quite meager. I’ve heard that people are less accepting there and people can be a bit more narrow minded. However, for all I know, such beliefs may be simply false. But at the end of the day, the only way I’ll find out how different the bay area culture and the So Cal culture are is by experiencing it myself.
Although I’m a bit wary about the change, I’m excited to experience something new. I’m excited to be challenged, to be educated, and perhaps educate others about what it means to be diverse. I’m excited to have a taste of another culture that I may not be accustomed to. But overall, I think I’m excited to experience a different culture that I may or may not be fond of because at the end of the day, I’ll be that much more prepared and ready to work in different cities, states or even countries that might not embrace the same culture I was raised in and ultimately love.