Crucial Time in Life

Over this summer I have realized that this time of my life is the most crucial because what I’m doing now is going to affect how my life will be 5-10 years from now. If I don’t prepare, work hard, and exceed in what I am doing, I won’t be able to relax and just go to work when I get into my career. I’m not sure if many of my peers realize it, but if you don’t set yourself up for success during this time right now as a college student, then later down the line your going have to do what you are supposed to be doing right now. I personally rather persevere and do what I’m supposed to do RIGHT NOW while I’m young, rather than try to wait until I’m 30 to get my life and priorities right. Just thinking about all the things that I need to do can be very overwhelming. It seems as if there isn’t enough time to get everything that I want to accomplish this summer done. But there is time, I ( and you too) just have to find the time. The phrase “time is precious” has never in my life meant so much to me; until now. I now realize that I have to manage every single day (by using my planner) so that I can be productive and accomplish what I need to do for the day. Although this can all be a lot to handle, you have to take it day by day in order to accomplish what you want and need to do. I wish I would’ve realized all of this in the beginning of summer, but that’s OK because I realize now that time is very precious so now I’m making big changes in my lifestyle for the sake of the bright future that I am creating for myself and my family.
For any college student who is reading this and doesn’t feel the same way that I do, you probably haven’t thought about all the things you can be accomplishing over this summer break. Instead of sleeping in until 12:30pm you should wake up in a timely matter so you can start a productive day. If you haven’t realized that this time in our life is the most crucial then I challenge you to think about all your short term goals that you can achieve. Write them down on a big piece of construction paper so you can physically see everything that you need and want to do. Then start to work towards those goals right now while you are out of school. Trust me, preparing right now will definitely pay off in the future. Remember… manage your time wisely, persevere, work hard, and don’t ever give up.
I wish everyone success and happiness!
-Kazaria P.