The New Year

After getting a little taste of the college life at my former school, Middle College High School (located on the Contra Costa College campus), I’m again looking forward to engaging and collaborating with my fellow classmates, professors, and community at large. The connections I’ve made with the college students, faculty, and staff helped shape an amazing experience.

What I’m also looking forward to particularly at Mills College is reflecting their vision and their overall goal: to think critically, communicate responsibly and effectively, accept challenges, and gain the necessary knowledge and skills for our global and multicultural society. The words “empower”, “social change”, and “critical thinkers” are what resonate the most through the students at Mills. I want to show that through the work I demonstrate both inside and outside the classrooms.

Starting this summer in July, I will have the opportunity to start ahead in this vision through their four-week SAW (Summer Academic Workshop) residential program. Since I won’t be living on campus in the fall, I will have the chance to build that community connection during the program. During the four weeks I will have class time across four course modules: English, social justice, sociological inquiry, and mathematics and three workshops: sociology, study skills, and writing. Not only will this enhance my logical reasoning and mathematical skills, but also ensure academic and personal success through continuous academic year support and mentoring.

Currently, I’m immersed in their summer reading. This year’s summer reading is “Immigrant Voices: 21st Century Stories” edited by Achy Obejas and Megan Bayles. For each of the eighteen stories included in the book, are discussion questions we will go over during orientation in August to engage in our first literary discussion. I know this upcoming academic year will be full of new and exciting experiences and I can’t wait to take part in them this fall.