Blog post #4

The plans I set for the summer were to get a job, learn how to drive, and have an overall relaxing vacation. As of right now, I am currently acting on all of my plans which results in a pretty busy schedule. I’ve made sure to time to spend as much time with friends and family while home and am now receiving a steady income to pay for my rent as well as miscellaneous items and expenses while I’m home for the summer. My goal is to gain my driver’s license and hopefully save up enough money to go half with my family on my first car; something that would be extremely helpful when buying groceries in Merced.
One thing I’m worried about when going back is the fact that I can’t seem to choose a major. It seems like every course I take, I find some way to appreciate the material and how it affects the world. This in turn makes it difficult for me to decide what field I want to commit to in my future career. I know that in time I’ll find my way but I’m starting to believe that I’m the type to have multiple careers that’ll match my interests at the moment. I just desire to find that major that I’m so passionate about I research it in my free time, preferably one that transcends every field and touches on every subject because I like to learn new things. I don’t want a job, I want a career.
Some days I miss school and some days I wish summer wasn’t moving so fast. I’m so happy to have these months off of school completely letting my mind rest from endless exams and papers. However currently I’ve been missing college. I miss learning probably the most and I’m excited to get back in the classroom. I’ve never said that about school before I got to college.