Realizing I’m going to college

At first, I didn’t realize that I was going to college – it wasn’t that I was in denial, it just never occurred to me. I thought I was going to meet my high school friends soon and be with the teachers I’ve known for some time. I didn’t know what I would be leaving behind

It was only when I reached my dorm room door and noticed the swarm of people moving, unpacking, and hugging each other. My first thought was “Waow…I really am going away from a lot”, and my second was “I wonder if the food is good”. The first thought slowly became a bitter-sweet reality as my parents left my dorm room and me and my room mate at first awkwardly talked to each other and eventually became comfortable with talking about anything with. It was a trailer of what to expect – or more of an intro. The second thought quickly became false after I had lunch at the school’s dining commons and eating what I was promised was “Sweet and spicy curry and beef” turned into “sweet and spicy something surreal”, but I can live with that. I quickly became used to shaking hands with people and introducing myself to them. Additionally, I wasn’t expecting my floor to have an electro-DJ, because for the whole rest of the day when I was on the floor, all I heard was heavy bass. By the end of the night, I was already familiar with the majority of people on my floor. The following night was painfully hot – summer in San Jose isn’t meant for me. At least the DJ stopped playing.

The next day was fairly eventful. I figured out my routine on how to take showers and not touch any walls, drapes, nobs, handles, or let my clothes either. Upon arriving at the dining commons, I learned that anything is breakfast at San Jose – even “Sweet and spicy something surreal” with brown rice and broccoli. The rest of the day was mostly getting to know others and exploring. I met with people on the floor above us and quickly became part of their group. We chatted, walked around, occasionally fumbled and got lost, and even discovered a nearby restaurant that sold food at amazing prices. I can’t remember much, probably because we went to sleep at 2 in the morning the following day, but it was fun.

To conclude, San Jose isn’t bad, and I’ve finally understand that now I’m going to college.